Additional maths

I am aware that some of the maths for next week is similar to the maths that was set at the beginning of May. The topic next week, is fractions and this is definitely something we would have consolidated more than once in school, so repeating it at home is definitely beneficial.

This is additional maths if you would like to complete it at home.

Work sharing and story time

Hello boys and girls,

We had a go at making things from spaghetti and marshamallows in school last week. Perhaps you could have a go at home?

Some of you have come up with some excellent inventions this week. I loved reading about your ideas.

Mrs Cordy is reading the story this week – enjoy

Challenge number 3 from Mr Digby.

Monday – Assembly

Miss Jackson is doing the assembly this week. I have to say it lovely to here Miss Jackson’s voice doing an assembly again.

Mr Digby has sent the answers for the Paddy’s Park activity from last week.

This is today’s Sports Week Challenge. Mr Digby has been preparing challenges for you to complete at home. This challenge looks particularly tricky. Enjoy giving it a go at home.

Finally, we have a challenge that will run all of this week, and this one is from Mrs Brock. It is our very ownPark Run! You can do this at any time this week, until Friday. Mrs Brock says –

‘Use this map to run, walk, scoot or skip 2km –
it’s not a race, its just active outdoors fun!’

Here is everything that you need –

Hopefully you are all going to be very busy this week, keeping active! Fingers crossed the weather improves.

Sports Week

This will be a super week. You will be able to get active at home.

Mr Digby has prepared some great activities for you to do at home.

Did you know that Cragside School has a new YouTube channel? Mr Digby has posted some pretty amazing stuff for you all, and you can access it here –

When it opens, click on the Video tab, and you will see that Mr Digby has posted some sets of videos for throwing, running and jumping. As well as that, he has uploaded 5 daily challenges that you will be able to try out at home next week – I will also post these separately on the blog, each day next week. Thank you, Mr Digby – that is great!

Next we have something very special that you must watch – a very lovely teacher, with a very special message for all of you –